The city of Southport is working to protect the town’s historical character

Southport, NC (WWAY)–  Development of new property in Southport could face stricter construction rules and regulations in efforts to preserve the city’s historic charm.  

The city is full of historic cemeteries, homes, and buildings. 

Mayor Jo Pat Hatem says that for him, establishing a historic district is in the best interest of the quality of life for the city and its people.    

“The downtown, we want to make sure it has that quaint village atmosphere. We have wonderful privately owned businesses and we want them to thrive, they are thriving this year. If anyone has been to Southport, they know that it is resilient.”   

 Mayor Hatem thinks that this effort will have a positive impact on the city’s local businesses, as well as residential areas, because the history of the community is one thing that draws in people. 

Gwen Tanner owns Mad River, a local boutique and gift shop, and she agrees with the idea of a new zoning district. 

“We do need to try and preserve the historic nature of the town because that’s what people come for. They come for its quaintness and its historical meanings.”   

 This is just the first step in the process. City leaders will have hurdles to overcome

before a historic district is established. 


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