THE RANT: Judge Ola Lewis .. more the politican, less a judge

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Judge Ola Lewis is now 0 and 2 fighting recent political battles.

Earlier this spring, she and Judge Jerry Jolly tried to derail District Attorney Jon David’s attempt to revamp traffic court in Brunswick County, allowing young drivers to take a class rather than sit in a courtroom for hours. While Judge Jolly was initially behind the order to stop, court papers later showed that Judge Lewis’s fingerprints were all over the order as well.

The North Carolina Court of Appeals decided to keep things as they were. But David appealed again to the state supreme court who agreed to hear David’s appeal. Thanks to the state legislature, David can also start his traffic school as soon as he wants.

Then just Friday, a judge from Wake County ruled against Judge Lewis in a libel case she brought against Ed Rapp. Rapp called her out on a blog for wearing a political button last year before the election. While judges may belong to a political party, they’re not supposed to show support for a particular candidate.

Judge Lewis also likes to throw these type of grenades and then run. She never has the courage to back them up in a public forum, always citing that the case is ongoing or it would be inappropriate for her to comment.

Judge Lewis, we have higher expectations for our judges. We expect them to be ABOVE the riff-raff that happens on the political battlefield. Not only have you caused a division in the Brunswick County Republican Party, you’ve also chosen to wage two political battles — which you’ve lost. Perhaps it would be a good idea if you stuck with what you know best, ruling on judicial and legal issues from the bench, and stay out of politics. Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen Counties have enough drama already without you stirring up more.

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