THE RANT: Where’s Walter?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY’S ‘THE RANT’ BY NEWS DIRECTOR SCOTT PICKEY) — When the North Carolina General Assembly redrew the 3rd Congressional District, it extended it from the Virginia state line, down through Pender County and into Downtown Wilmington.

I guess Rep. Walter Jones didn’t get the memo, because to my knowledge, he’s made no effort to come down and introduce himself to his new constituents. I haven’t even seen any of his campaign signs on the side of the road. Is Jones that comfy up in Washington? Why would the folks in Pender County and Downtown Wilmington feel comfortable voting for this guy to represent them if they don’t even know him?

On the other hand, his opponent Frank Palombo made the effort. The former New Bern Police Chief set up an interview here at the station not only to introduce himself to the managers; he stayed and did an interview with our Political Editor Kevin Wuzzardo. Kevin says he’s also reached out to the Jones campaign, and no one has even had the courtesy to call or e-mail him back.

I’m not suggesting who anyone should vote for Tuesday, but I can tell you that one of the candidates is working a lot harder to represent you in Washington than the other. Maybe that should tell you something.

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