Three seek relief from court in anti-gang injuction

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There was a lot of legal maneuvering in New Hanover County Friday as attorneys seek relief for three people named in an injunction against the Folk Nation 720 Gangsta Disciples.

The request responds to a permanent injunction from a year ago targeting dozens of Wilmington residents.

It effectively prohibits them from congregating anywhere within city limits, even for otherwise lawful purposes.

“We recognize that when this process was started it was well-intentioned,” said Patrick Mincey, the attorney representing the defendants on a pro bono basis. “But for our clients and the community at large, there are unforeseen consequences that deserve review.”

“Courts have ruled that good people can, and do, get caught up in these injunctions unfairly,” said Mincey. “In a legal system that is built around due process, these injunctions can create a dangerous erosion of our guaranteed protections of that right.”

The original complaint was filed on behalf of the New Hanover County District Attorney.

It is one of the first permanent injunctions against criminal gangs in North Carolina.

Similar injunctions around the country have met with legal challenges and have been rolled back.

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