Tillis, Hagan focus on ground game on last day

Associated Press

CARY, NC (AP) — The top candidates in North Carolina’s $100 million Senate race who flooded televisions with messages for months are now emphasizing individual contact as the deciding factor on Election Day.

There were no high-profile political celebrities campaigning with Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan or Republican challenger Thom Tillis on Monday’s election eve after a week that saw Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney and John McCain appearing with the candidates.

Hagan and Tillis focused instead on efforts by supporters in the campaign’s final hours. Hagan visited her Cary field office Monday morning to encourage workers preparing to knock on doors. Tillis visited a GOP campaign site in Cornelius and made phone calls to voters.

Tillis and Hagan are running close in polls. Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh could be a spoiler.

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