‘Tis the season for… job hunting?

Experts say the holidays are a perfect time to find a new gig -– contrary to popular opinion.

Americans on the job hunt should take advantage of holiday parties and charity events to network and engage potential employers.

January and February are popular hiring months for full-time employment, so set up meetings with managers early.

And there’s always seasonal employment.

Analysts say the seasonal job market is competitive this year, but the key to securing a temporary position is to look outside the retail sector.

Shipping companies, restaurants and hotels always need extra help this time of year.

November is the biggest hiring month of all for seasonal employment, so now is the time to take action.

In the meantime, those out of work should avoid splurging on holiday purchases. Experts say making a budget and planning for future expenses could save you from financial woes.

Follow these tips and you could find yourself with a new job in no time.