Town competes for a HGTV makeover

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The HGTV series Home Town Takeover is a new project, where a team of pro renovators look to give a small town an entire makeover.

Whiteville is taking its chance.

After hurricanes Matthew and Florence there is still so much work to be done in the Cape Fear, and Whiteville is no exception

“We need help” a resident stated.

For those born and raised in the area, it is about getting back what they once had and more.

“I have three little ones, so we just wanted to make it a good place for them to live, and hopefully come back to one day when they get older,” Resident Melissa Williamson said.

And through the new Choose Whiteville NC campaign, they are trying to convince HGTV’S Home Town Takeover to get them back on track.

Campaign Volunteer Justin Smith says he is not sure what they mean by helping an entire town, but it is worth a try.

“I think what they’re going to do is maybe help some businesses renovate, help some homes, maybe also some public spaces, like parks or performance venues, but you know what, any help that they would be willing to give, we would love,” Smith expressed.

People have already began working. Project volunteers say they are not looking for any handouts, but if HGTV provided their support, it would give the town an extra boost.

Part of that boost helped by ongoing projects like Melissa Williamson’s Adopt-a-Storefront Campaign.

“Our goal is to help the owner of the store get the store rented or bought by new business,” Williamson said.

Property Manager John Fisher says a makeover could not be anything, but beneficial.

“Any promotion or any exposure to investors would be good for our business, for all the businesses here in town,” Fisher said. “It’s just a positive economic thing to be a part.”

People can submit photos and videos until Friday to show why the Whiteville community should be selected for the big makeover.

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