Leland council talks about resolution for Cape Fear Crossing routes

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s a nearly ten mile proposed road and bridge that crosses the Cape Fear River. It’s been discussed for years and we’re one step closer to knowing where it might be located.

Monday, Leland City council took a step to oppose three of those proposed routes.

The Cape Fear crossing has been the talk of the town for years. It could run right through some major neighborhoods in Leland and possibly put people out of their homes.

As the town of Leland continues to grow, the main concern is: Where will this crossing go?
The NCDOT has narrowed it down to five possible routes.

“The three corridors that I mentioned, which are b, q and t, are going to cause so much destruction, because they are going to come through Brunswick Forest,” said Leland Town Councilwoman Pat Batleman. “It’s a devastating proposition.”

Batleman has led the charge to ask the NCDOT to remove routes b, q and t from the available options. Those routes have the most impact on the Mallory Creek and Brunswick Forest neighborhoods, but not everyone is on board.

Councilman Michael Callahan worries about other areas like Stoney Creek and Snee Farm that could be at risk with the other two routes.

“I want to at least give the folks in our neighborhoods to the south of us, in Snee Farms, the opportunity to be a part of that [and] to make their voices known,” said Callahan.

Callahan was not ready to move forward with Batleman’s proposed resolution. He says he wants to make sure every neighborhood’s voice is heard before they do anything. Batleman says she wants to protect everyone, but says they need to take each issue one step at a time.

“You want to help everybody,” said Batleman.  “You don’t want anyone to hurt from this. I think we’re doing the very best that we can.”

Batleman says she thinks they need to go at things with the DOT one issue at a time.
She motioned to create a draft of this resolution that motion did pass and they hope to have it done as soon as possible.

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