Town of Leland could annex neighborhood by 2019

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick county neighborhood could clear the first hurdle to be part of the Town of Leland through an annex.

The Lanvale Forest neighborhood needed 100 percent approval from all property owners to voluntarily annex into the Town of Leland. Some people, like Trey Bunnell, were completely against it.

“I don’t want to be inside city limits. I don’t have to pay anymore taxes than I already do,” Bunnell said.

With some holdouts, a town-initiated annexation would only need a majority of the neighborhood. Though, it will take until at least 2019 to complete.

“The city will bring it up and we’ll go from there but it’s going to take two years to process the whole thing. That’s really a long wait,” Peter Ramaglia, a resident for the annex, says.

Homeowners, like Ramaglia, believe this is the best thing to do to guarantee they will get help.

“I think it’s an advantage for the city to come in and take care of it. They’ll take care of the roads and anything that happens. Yeah, your taxes will go up but I don’t think it’s going to hurt you,” Ramaglia said.

Bunnell is concerned about taxes and says there is no guarantee the Town of Leland will fix the roads.

“The city of Leland has said to people they will fix the road. There’s nothing in writing, there’s nothing guaranteed and there’s nothing stopping them from giving us another special assessment and basically making us pay for it anyway,” Bunnell said.

Town manager David Hollis says the benefit Leland gets is expanding the town’s jurisdiction to Lanvale Forest, but it all starts with the resolution.

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