This New Hanover school gets creative and brings learning to students

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You’ve seen in-person learning. You’re familiar with virtual learning. But now, Trask Middle School is bringing the learning to you.

On Wednesday, teachers and faculty loaded a bus with books, supplies, and science kits.

Every Wednesday, teachers drive the bus to a specific apartment or neighborhood with a high concentration of their students, and then set up shop in the parking lot.

Principal Margaret Rollison says they’re using this initiative to spark an interest in reading and science and to help students who might not have access to literature in their homes.

“When we’re not able to have the kids in front of us, it’s kind of hard to communicate with the families,” Rollison said. “It can be hard to support the students. So this provides another way to bridge that gap. And so we’ve identified areas and communities that need that support the most.”

Wednesday afternoon, kids ran to the tent, eager to pick out a free book and see their teachers. One student says it gave her a sense of stability.

“It’s really reassuring with all that’s happening,” says Aubrey Sepps, a 7th grader. “With the online and everything and people not having supplies, it’s really reassuring.

And that goes both ways. For some teachers, this is the first time they’re getting to see their students in person and show their support face to face.

Erica Biggs, a 6th-grade science teacher says she was thrilled to see students again:

“I think the first kid we saw we jumped up and down and screamed and probably scared them half to death with our music and our foam finger.”

For now, Trask plans on bussing books out every Wednesday until October, when Plan B comes into play. Until then, students can look forward to a visit from some of their favorite teachers.

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