Tregembo Animal Park sued, owners respond

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two women have filed a lawsuit against Tregembo Animal Park, alleging the zoo’s treatment of two bears, Ben and Booger, violates North Carolina’s anti-cruelty statute. The women want the bears moved to an animal sanctuary.

The lawsuit states the bears are mistreated, not fed properly, show signs of mental anguish and need access to space to roam. The suit makes many other claims, which you can read about here.

We reached out to Sherry Tregembo, who had no clue about the lawsuit until we forwarded her a copy.

Tregembo says Booger and Ben were rescues they got more than ten years ago. Tregembo says Ben was neutered and declawed before they got him. She says Ben can not be with other bears because he can’t defend himself.

Tregembo also says Ben did have a skin disease a couple of years ago and he is now fine. She says the USDA regularly inspects them, and just inspected their zoo a month ago and found them to be in compliance.

Tregembo says she will speak with her attorney and let them handle it.


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