Trot Nixon mulls high school coaching job

A former Major League Baseball player stepped up to the plate to talk to local high schoolers about the importance of school and religion. Former Red Sox, Indians and Mets outfielder and New Hanover High alum Trot Nixon spoke to Coastal Christian High School students. His message: Stay in school, get involved and be thankful for the small things in life.

In an effort to create new activities for students, Coastal Christian broke ground behind the post office in Monkey Junction. The new additions include new sporting fields.

Coastal Christian’s baseball team will use the new fields this spring. The school is also trying to start a football team. It hopes Nixon will take part in the sports teams as a coach.

“I have an eight and five-year-old right now, and I enjoy coaching them,” Nixon said, “but you never know what the future has in order, but along those lines of coaching it’s something I’d like to do, because it involves those two words: impact and encourage. Maybe, maybe, maybe.”

If Coastal Christian does succeed in creating a football team it will be the first at a private school in Wilmington.

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