TROUBLESHOOTERS: Non-Profit gets money 9 months after event

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The Cape Fear Mothers of Twins Club held a fundraiser 9 months ago and still hadn’t received their portion of the proceeds so they called the troubleshooters at WWAY.

On April 18th, the group held a fundraiser at the Highway 55 restaurant on Gordon Road.

A spokeswoman for the group says that close to 60 people attended the event, and that they were supposed to get $160 from Highway 55, but months went by without seeing a dime.

WWAY contacted the owner of Highway 55 who said that she had tried to mail the Cape Fear Mothers of Twins Club their check, but it was returned because she had been given the wrong address. She went on to say that she would hold the money for the group until someone came by her store to collect it.

Late Wednesday night the collection was finally made after WWAY was able to connect the two sides.
If you have a problem and think WWAY can help email the Cape Fear Troubleshooters at

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