Troubleshooters Conclusion: Officials Respond to Questions about Molestation Investigation

We got the answers we were looking for in that Bladen County investigation, involving a 16-year-old who was molested by his uncle.

Even though Jerry Squires admitted to engaging in a sex act with the teen, he was offered a plea bargain, and won’t have to serve any jail time or register as a sex offender. The teen was also upset that he got arrested at school by Bladen County Sheriff’s deputies, for engaging in the sex act with his uncle.

We talked to Bladen’s Chief Deputy today about widespread concerns over the way this case was handled.
Chief Phillip Little assured us this situation has been handled internally. He couldn’t get into details about how this was handled with the investigator, Detective Sue Lutz, because it’s a personnel matter, but he said it’s been rectified. Chief Little also said he would be more than happy to sit down and discuss this with the victims family.

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