Troubleshooters: Family wants Howard’s Towing to be taken off police call list

A local family is upset with a towing company they were referred to by the Carolina Beach Police Department.

Howard’s Towing is one of many companies that’s on the police’s rotation list.

If someone has an accident, and can’t call a tow company on their own, the police call a company off of that list. But this family says it’s time Howard’s Towing stop getting public business.

It was a tough string of events for Phyliss Brown and her son, Scott.

It all started when Scott had a stroke, and drove his truck into a retention pond at Carolina Beach.

“My son had wanted to call AAA. He was distracted and disoriented and could not find the number right away, and they said ‘we’ll we have to call someone’,” Phyliss explained.

The Carolina Beach Police Department called Howard’s Towing off of their rotation list of local towing companies.

When Phyliss got her son out of the hospital and went to retrieve his SUV from the tow yard, she was told it wasn’t drivable.

Phyliss reports Wayne Howard told her that he could make the repairs and make it road worthy again for 700 bucks.

She paid him, but said there were big problems when it came time to retrieve the vehicle. “I always got the stall. ‘I’m in Fayeteville re-poing cars, I’m in Greensboro, I’m wherever’, he was always not available.”

Phyliss and Scott finally took Wayne Howard to small claims court, and won.

Wayne was a no show, and the judge ordered him to pay them $1,500, the value of the vehicle that they’d been unable to retrieve.

Phyliss has yet to see the money.

We caught up with Mr. Howard, who didn’t want to go on camera, but says he doesn’t think he should have to pay them for the vehicle.

Wayne Howard says he hasn’t returned it because Scott doesn’t have a valid license and insurance.

But we checked with authorities, and Scott does have a valid license. He only cancelled his insurance after Mr. Howard refused to return his vehicle.

Either way, the DMV tells us the only thing they require tow operators to see before releasing a vehicle is proof of ownership, and Scott owns this vehicle.

Besides getting their own issue worked out, Phyliss and Scott want Howard’s Towing taken off the rotation list, so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“If you’re having an accident, you’re already having enough trouble in your life and Scott had an accident, he’s had a stroke. We don’t need any more trouble from a shiester, and to be put in touch with him by the police department!”

The Carolina Beach Police Chief is investigating the complaints against Howard’s Towing and says he may have them pulled off the rotation list.

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