Troubleshooters: Local consignment shops

In tonight’s troubleshooters report, we find more customers getting burned by local consignment shops.

You may remember all the people who lost money or merchandise when Hand-Me-Downs on Kerr Avenue changed owners. Customers told us the old owner took off without paying them for what sold, and didn’t return remaining items.

Susan Freeken was one of those customers. She started consigning at a new store on Kerr Avenue, called Redo Consignments. That store is now closed, and Freeken says she lost her money and merchandise all over again.

“She would always say we’re going to send you a check in the mail, but we never got one, and she said we will find the stuff, but they never found any of it,” Freeken said.

The woman who ran Redo Consignments, Kathy Rokoski has opened up a used furniture store across the street. She says this is all a misunderstanding, and said people should contact Jessica Marsh, her daughter-in-law and former owner of Redo.

Freeken says she’s taking Rokoski to small claims court.