Troubleshooters: Online fraud,

In tonight’s Troubleshooters Report, a Wilmington woman wants to save you from a lesson she learned the hard way.

Cynthia Martin teaches art at a local elementary school, and went online last year to order some Van Gough posters for her classroom. She found the posters she wanted for $5 a piece at

The posters came as promised, and Martin didn’t have any problems until this year. Now she says the same set of posters just arrived in the mail again, 3 times, and her credit card was charged $79 for each delivery.

She called the company to complain, but can’t get an answer, or a return phone call.

“A year later, they should not still have my number. My credit card number. So that is why I called you, because I knew this was some kind of fraud,” Cynthia Martin, said.

When we Googled online, we found dozens and dozens of consumers with the same problem, complaining about being scammed by

Martin has contacted her bank to dispute the charges, but is still waiting for a refund, with no guarantee she’s going to get her money back. Our best advice, use a retailer you know and trust before giving your credit card number out online.

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