Troubleshooters Update: Howard’s Towing

There is an update on a Troubleshooters report we first brought you last week.

A Wilmington family called to complain about Howard’s Towing. Carolina Beach Police Department called Howard’s to pull Scott Brown’s SUV out of a retention pond, after he had a stroke and wrecked.

When the Brown’s went to retrieve the vehicle from the tow lot, Howard’s refused to release it, even though they had paid in full. They took Howard’s to small claims court, and won a judgment against Wayne Howard, but have yet to see a dime.

Since our story aired, the Carolina Beach Police Department has put Howard’s Towing on probation. The police department said if there are any more questionable incidents, Howard’s will be removed from the towing rotation list all together.

Howard’s is still on the Wilmington Police Department’s rotation list, but the WPD is investigating complaints against the company.

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