Troubleshooters update: Magnolia gets a new kitchen

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We have an update tonight on a Troubleshooters report we first brought you back in February.

82-year-old Magnolia McLean paid a $1,000 down payment to a contractor to build her some kitchen cabinets. He skipped town with her money, and never did the work she paid for.

A Wilmington couple was watching our newscast that night, and contacted us, offering to build McLean new cabinets at their expense. Well, those cabinets are finished. McLean is delighted, and she invited us to see her new kitchen.

“I just feel numb,” she said. “I feel like it’s not even me. There is somebody up there watching over me, because I was having a hard time right then. I couldn’t go and do it all over again, so I just was going to make out, until my children told me, and we’re just going to do it, and I said no we’ll wait. So it pays to wait.”

The couple also put in a new sink and an island in McLean’s kitchen. They asked to remain anonymous, but we commend their generosity.

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