Two Brunswick County doctors return from helping in Ukraine


LELAND, NC (WWAY)– For those living in Ukraine, it has been incredibly tough to access medical care due to the ongoing war with Russia. Leland doctors, Marilynn and Guy Fiocco jumped at the opportunity to go and help…

“Most of them were elderly, most of them hadn’t seen their physicians since the war started. Many were out of medications that we were able to provide, so it was as I said a very rewarding experience,” said Guy.

The couple spent two weeks in the Ukraine treating patients. They deployed with a group called “Global Care Force,” which is a nonprofit that connects volunteers to people in need.

“We felt like so many people did I think when the war started that, if there’s only something we could do, and it looked like a place we could share our skills and they were receptive to us” Marilynn explained.

The Fioccos say even though many of the people in Ukraine were facing tough times, they were still very thankful for the care they received.

“It was the most appreciative group of people that we’ve ever taken care of. I mean you could really feel the heartfelt thanks when we finished seeing them and giving them their medication” said Guy graciously.

Throughout the whole experience, Marilynn has one lesson to take away from all of this.

“Remain active in wherever you have a passion. I think at this point many people share concern with Ukraine and that’s one of the ways to maintain that contact and support.”

The couple may return to Ukraine again to help if needed, but they have no plans at this current time.

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