Two years later, murder victim’s mother honors memory

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s been two years since the body of Tiffany Dawkins was found along the side of a road in Pender County. Despite the time that has passed her family is keeping her memory alive.

Tiffany’s mom, Kim Thomas, is remembering her daughter by holding a memorial at the site where her daughter was found. She also took time to talk us about her daughter’s murder case and the two little girls Tiffany left behind.

“She didn’t ever meet a stranger, never meet a stranger from day one when she was little. She was very outgoing, and I miss her a whole, whole lot,” Thomas said.

Thomas has remained strong in the two years since her daughter was found dead along the side of NC 133 in Rocky Point. Thomas and other family members will forever remember December 27, 2009, as the day their loved one was taken away from them.

Though the case remains open, a suspect in Tiffany’s murder, ex-boyfriend Dwayne Moore, can no longer be brought to justice. Moore, who went on the run earlier this year for another shooting, killed himself after a stand-off in Florida.

Thomas says she never wanted much media attention when it comes to keeping her daughter’s case and memory alive, but she feels the media has had a part in bring her some closure.

“To tell you the truth I didn’t want to be in the media, but how else are we going to keep it out there if we weren’t in the media? If it weren’t for the media, he wouldn’t have been caught as quick as he was when he shot Kayla (Floyd),” Thomas said.

Thomas says recently the most difficult part is explaining to Tiffany’s two young daughters what happened. She says the girls have become aware of their mother’s murder from news reports. Though she thanks the media for the good they have done, she asks for some space in the coming years.

“We’re not going to forget her, but we are going to try and close it up for her kids, ’cause they’re young still,” Thomas said.

We also asked Tiffany’s mother if Moore’s suicide makes her feel like her daughter’s case is solved. She said while she feels sorry for Moore’s family, she does think her daughters murder has been solved.

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