Veterans Day Salute

Pat Paterson enlisted in the Army Air Corps, now known as the U.S. Air Force, in 1942. His plane was shot down by enemy fire while flying on a mission to Germany. He became a prisoner of war and was held in a German prison camp for 10 months.

“With the damage to my aircraft I couldn’t manage to get over the mountains to get me to my target, so we had no alternative but to jump out,” Paterson said.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization in Calabash commemorated Veterans Day by honoring Paterson, along with three other WWII vets. The men were given medals to honor their heroism in the war and remember the sacrifice they made for their country.

Arthur Paige, the oldest Marine at the VFW post, says he’s fortunate to still be alive.

“I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, which I’m very proud, because they gave me training, there’s only two of us left from my original organization.”

Honoree Ed Wood spent his time in the war as a radio operator in China. He says he’s thankful to be remembered every Veterans Day because he considers himself the last of a dying breed.

“I know there are other guys that should be honored too, you know as time goes on, we disappear, especially at our ages,” Wood said.

At any age and in any war, Veterans Day is a time to honor all who have served.

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