VFW celebrates Christmas with potluck

Holly Ridge, NC (WWAY) — The VFW in Holly Ridge opened its doors for veterans and their families for a potluck on Christmas.

“No one’s ever melancholy, sitting at home,” Post Commander Anna Cummings said. “They’re here with family, who are like-minded and love them. And we all just have a really good time.”

Cummings said she loves seeing the looks on everyone’s faces.

“It makes my heart sing,” she said. “Because they smile. They’re happy, it makes me happy.”

She especially enjoys today because her family isn’t always able to get together on Christmas.

“It’s impossible for us to all get together at the same time,” she said. “So we have our extended family here.”

They have a potluck like this on Thanksgiving and Easter as well.

Giving their community the chance to celebrate the holidays together.

“Whether the house is too small or their family is too far away, we just all come together in a sense of family,” Commander Cummings said.

A family that extends through generations.

Marine Leah Parrott says she loves spending time with those who served long before she did.

“It’s kind of nice to see a few of them still sticking around and enjoying the same patronage that we are,” Parrott said.

She says talking to them makes her realize their unique connection to one another.

“You find you’ve got a lot of good, funny stories that are very similar,” she said. “Just different generations and different locations.”

Making the post commander smile even brighter.

“Just watching everybody pull together like they’re from the same clan, if you will,” she said.

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