Vicky White died of suicide, coroner’s office says

(Photo: Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office)

ALABAMA (CNN) — Fugitive Alabama corrections official Vicky White died of suicide, an Indiana county coroner said Thursday, confirming authorities’ suspicions that she shot herself after a Monday car chase that ended 11 days on the run with an inmate she’s accused of freeing.

White, 56, who authorities said freed Alabama inmate Casey White in late April from the Alabama jail where she worked, died of a single gunshot wound to the head, the coroner’s office in Indiana’s Vanderburgh County said.

Authorities had said they believed Vicky White fatally shot herself after the car the pair were in wrecked while being pursued by law enforcement in Evansville, Indiana.

On Wednesday, Evansville officials released audio of a 911 call they say Vicky White made during the chase — audio which gives some insight into the seconds leading to her death, but does not clarify precisely when the gun was fired.

As officers were chasing a Cadillac driven by Casey White on Monday afternoon, they rammed the Cadillac into a ditch, and the vehicle rolled over, authorities said. Investigators believe Vicky White shot herself “once the vehicle crashed,” Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said Tuesday.

The 911 audio appears to start near the end of the chase. It begins with someone saying something indiscernible, and the dispatcher saying “Evansville 911.” No one appears to address the dispatcher, who says, “911” and “hello” seemingly without being answered.

Instead, a woman’s voice — which authorities say is Vicky White’s — is heard within the first six seconds saying things including, “Stop,” and “Wait, stop … air bags going to go off and kill us.”

Twelve seconds in, a loud noise is heard — the first of at least four loud noises to happen in about 15 seconds. It’s unclear in each instance what the noises represent, and it’s unclear from the audio when the car was rammed, when it rolled over, and when a gun was fired.

Shortly after, distant voices are heard, along with occasional movement, though it’s unclear whether it’s inside or outside the vehicle. About one minute and 40 seconds into the recording, someone starts repeatedly saying phrases like “she is breathing” and “got a gun in her hand.”

The phone line stays open as officers work to get the pair out of the vehicle.

Vicky White was transported to a hospital, where she died, the US Marshals said. Casey White, 38, was taken into custody and transported back to Alabama.

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