Video Game Bus rolls into the Cape Fear

Bounce House Wilmington is now operating a video game bus.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A school bus in New Hanover County has been revamped to offer the Cape Fear a unique business. 

Bounce House Wilmington is now operating a video game bus. It has six flat-screen T.V.’s complete with both Xbox and PlayStation gaming systems, two virtual reality headsets, and hundreds of games to choose from.  

The owners of this game entertainment bus say their vision to create something fun for game lovers of all ages, a concept already popular in Europe, is finally becoming a reality. 

Steven Johnson, Co-Owner of Video Game Bus, said, “We also have heating and air conditioning to keep it nice and climate controlled with lighting, music and just a nice fun atmosphere.” 

Logan Zanki, Co-Owner of Video Game Bus, said, “This gives the opportunity to have parents bring the kids out of the house — yeah they might be in the front yard or might be at a school event — but out of the house and actually still socializing with their friends in the same room, having fun, having excitement, and taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technology that is in this bus as well.” 

The owners also have the ability to censor these games by a parents request, so that even the youngest of gamers can have fun and still remain in a safe environment. 

The bus is currently getting a makeover by local artist Jimmy Dean. The artist said these finishing touches are already stopping traffic, as people are curious to know what the bus has on board. 

Jimmy Dean, a local artist, said “There was a line of cars in my driveway two days ago. Like, just stopping traffic just wondering what it is and telling me that I’m doing a good job and stuff which is really cool to get that kind of feedback from the community.” 

Dean said he is a little bit behind on the expected completion date but said, “you can’t rush art, especially when you’re working on something as large as a school bus.” 

This transformed school bus is going to be like no other school bus in the Cape Fear. 

Zanki said the art on the outside may still be a work in progress, but the inside of the bus is ready to roll — so it will be making an appearance at a party this weekend. 

You can book the Video Game Bus by visiting Bounce House Wilmington’s website and accessing the Video Game Bus booking portal.
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