‘Vote No’ members to keep fighting city hall

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the help of voters they successfully struck out Wilmington’s ballpark bond referendum. Now members of the Vote No campaign say their work continues.

The campaign brought together the young and the old, Democrats and Republicans, and today on the steps of Wilmington City Hall, they came together one more time not to disband, but to announce themselves as the voice of Wilmington voters.

“You’ve all heard the expression that you can’t fight city hall? Well we did, and we won,” Vote No spokesman Scott Harry said. “We want to encourage our citizens in the future to not be afraid, to stand up and come down here and speak to the city council and tell them what you think. It’s only then that we are going to get what we want out of this city.”

In their first move as a political watchdog group, the Vote No campaign members made a request to city leaders, and that request was that they all play ball.

“We’re going to ask the city council and Mandalay to cancel all agreements they have between each other,” Harry said. “Specifically we want Mandalay to release the City of Wilmington. We want them to drop their option on the city of wilmington so that we can have the opportunity to talk to ripken or any other group that wants to build a baseball stadium.”

As a group, members of Vote No have declared themselves bipartisan and vow to hold city leaders to core values they say make this city great.

“We need to focus our government, whether it be the county commissioners or the city council on protecting our environment, on public safety, on the core issues they’re hired to look after,” Harry said.

At this point none of the members of the Vote No campaign plan to run for office in city elections next year.

A city spokeswoman says the agreement between the city and Mandalay ends January 1. She says there are no plans to extend it.

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