Wearing heels to help victims of sexual violence

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A rally in Downtown Wilmington to support victims of sexual assault but it wasn’t just about victims it was about giving everyone a voice.

Dozens came out for the event called, “Heroes in Heels.” The event recognized 12 men for their support of victims of sexual assault. Decked out in teal heels, event organizers say this is about more than just starting a conversation, it’s about inspiring action.

Reciting a pledge entitled, “It’s on us,” to encourage folks to do their part to stop sexual violence from happening.
For some in the crowd today’s event was personal because they understood the pain of keeping any kind of sexual assault to themselves.

“We’ve all sort of just carried it, accepted it, and moved on, and no more,” said Margee Herring, a board member for the rape crisis center.

The “It’s On Us,” pledge is a part of a national campaign aimed to raise awareness and action on behalf of victims of sexual assault. It is a cause championed by celebrities including President Obama.

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