Wedding season: #NewTrends

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Social media is changing the way we do almost everything, including weddings.

Wedding experts say a relatively new trend lets guests to take part in capturing every moment of the special day.

Social media apps like Instagram allow couples to crowdsource their photos.

Hashtags; connecting guests and allowing couples to have dozens of photographers.

It’s a word or un-spaced phrase following a number sign (#.)

A couple might advertise something like “Use the hashtag ‘#jordanwedding2014’ for Instagram and Twitter.'”
The term was added to the dictionary this year.

Wedding photographer Lisa Brown has been shooting weddings in the port city for around 12 years.

“I think they wanna see every single picture they possibly can,” Brown said.

Brown says she even gets in on the instant photo sharing action.

“I’ll take some pictures with my iPhone and put it on Instagram because shares … this the ceremony right now, as I’m seeing it.”

And that’s just what “hashtagging” your wedding will do.
Instagram is the main application behind the trend, but other websites and platforms are connecting guests as well.

“I’ve really seen a change with Pinterest and wedding blogs. Before social media I didn’t really know what happened to my couples. I wasn’t able to keep in touch with them,”

Now everyone is keeping in touch with just one tap.

Instagram along with other wedding apps make it easy for the bride and groom to go back and look at moments from the perspective of all the guests.

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