Welcome home Vietnam Vets decades after their service

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Vietnam Veterans were doing a job their country asked them to do, yet many of them never had a proper “Welcome home.” It was a time of political divide, and the service members also felt it fall on their shoulders.

March 29, 1972 the last of America’s troops left Vietnam. But today, many people are only now telling them how much their service mattered and saying “Thank you,” to them for putting their lives on the line.

Saturday, March 29, Wilmington-area residents are invited to join together at Hugh MacRae Park, 1977 S. College Road, to honor Vietnam Veterans.

Vietnam Veteran Rossie Nance provides all the details and runs through a guest list of speakers and honorees. Watch his full interview now to learn how you can take part in the ceremony too.

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