Whale of a weekend at NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

FORT FISHER, NC (WWAY) — Dive into the mysterious world of whales and dolphins as the North Carolina aquarium at fort fisher hosts the second annual whale of a weekend.

Kids and adults of all ages were exploring the tales of these big mammals, and discovering how they survive and thrive just off our coast.

Participants got to try out a blubber glove, and even see what is inside a whale’s stomach.

Marine experts were also on hand to share their knowledge of these underwater wonders.

“My favorite dolphin fact is that Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins shed their outer layer of skin every two hours,” Aquarium educator Heather Wiley said. “So, they are shedding that layer of skin twelve times a day and that keeps them nice and slick so they can cut through the water at a pretty good speed.”

Aquarium educator and dolphin lover Heather Wiley organized the event.

She says even though they do not have any whales or dolphins at the aquarium, she wanted to have a fun and educational weekend to teach kids and adults a thing or two about these magnificent mammals.

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