What would UNCW do if an emergency happened on campus?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s not something we want to think about, but after the UNC Charlotte shooting WWAY went to UNC Wilmington to find out how the campus would respond during an emergency.

UNCW’s campus is just over one square mile and with about 17,000 students, school leaders know it is imperative that they have an effective emergency plan in place.

UNCW Assistant Police Chief Chris Bertram says communication plays a core role in UNCW’s Emergency Response Plan.

“University has what we call an ‘All Hazards Plan,’ Bertram said. “That addresses everything from a chemical spill to a tornado to a hurricane, an active shooter and pretty much everything in between.”

This plan first includes dispatching police immediately to the scene, next, a campus-wide email, text message and phone call with detailed instructions, followed by a siren, which indicates staying put and finding shelter.

But would students like Rebecca Harris and Erika Foty know what to do during an emergency?

“All of the syllabi, there’s definitely an outline of what the safety procedures are and who we need to contact if we’re ever in danger,” Harris said.

“A lot of the buildings on campus have a bunch of posters that says if an intruder comes in, there’s a list of what to do,” Foty said.

These posters explain the “run-hide-fight” mentality.

“If you can get out of the area, if you can’t you hide and then it comes right down to it if you have a choice to fight, you fight,” Bertram added.

Between campus police, campus security guards and emergency call-lights scattered across campus that directly contact UNCW police, students feel that they are in good hands.

Bertram also explained that UNCW offers active shooter training twice a month at the police department for anyone who would like to learn more.

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