What is the future of real estate in Wilmington?

Realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, and other professionals gathered Thursday to discuss the future of the real estate market in the greater Wilmington area.

Panelists addressed problems in the real estate market, and possible solutions.

One plan involves a group of investors raising $500 million to buy property in town to save it from foreclosure. One panelist said our real estate market has some housecleaning to do, but things are looking up for 2010.

“What’s really impressive with just coming to these breakfasts – you have over 500 people who are engaged in our business community. They’re looking at ways to improve our business community, they’re looking at ways to become smarter, and by coming and being a part of this program, that’s a huge sign of great things to come for Wilmington,” said Plantation Building Corp. owner David Spetrino. “Our leaders in our community are working hard to make sure Wilmington is top of its class, and we’re doing that and that’s exciting.”

The conference was part of a quarterly Power Breakfast Series, put on by the Greater Wilmington Business Journal.

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