What’s next for Carolina Beach lake? Here are the four options

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The big question swirling around Carolina Beach is if they should continue dredging Carolina Beach Lake.

Town council held a workshop Tuesday evening to discuss four proposed options on how to move forward.

Last year, the town began dredging to reduce the risk of flooding during hurricanes or heavy rain.

The town suspended the project in September with only 40 percent of the dredging complete.

Town Manager Michael Cramer said they can leave the lake alone, build a man made island in the middle of the lake for the sediment removal, continue the project, or start a remediation program with the soil.

“What we need is we need to have some sort of direction from council on how they’d like to proceed,” Cramer said. “Choosing one of the options of a combination of the options. But we need to either decide to move forward or to stop the project and utilize the funds for other activities.”

Some people WWAY talked with said they are in favor of keeping the dredging project going while others said the town should quit while they are ahead.

“Since I don’t live on, or right around the lake, I’ve not experienced the flooding,” resident Della Marshall said. “So, you know, I’m probably a little more bias to not having anything else done to it. I’m not sure about the option of having a little island out there cause I think it looks pretty just the way it is.”

Cramer says the town has $2.7 million allocated for the project but in order to complete dredging the lake it would cost more than what is left over.

The goal of the workshop is to weigh the pros and cons of all the options and hopefully come up with a recommendation for an upcoming meeting.

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