What’s next for H2Go? Commissioner-elect talks future plans

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s been almost a week since Election Day, and new H2Go commissioners are ready to jump into action.

Steve Hosmer and Barry Laub won the two open seats, altering the makeup of the board in support of a reverse osmosis plant.

Hosmer and Laub campaigned in support of that proposed RO plant in Belville.

With a majority of the board now in support, Hosmer says they are hoping to settle the legal battle and get this plant running by the end of 2021.

“That’s our intent, is to get started, get going and get it done as quickly as possible,” Hosmer said. “That’s going to be our number one priority.”

Hosmer calls the win ‘a changing of the guards’, for the future of H2Go.

“Cheaper and cleaner,” he said. “It’s a tough combination to beat. That’s why we are 100% in support of completing the reverse osmosis plant and supplying aquifer water to H2Go customers.”

With Hosmer and Laub, the board has flipped four to one, in support of the plant.

So what’s next?

“Get the lawsuit resolved by mutual agreement of the three parties involved,” Hosmer said.

That’s the lawsuit between H2Go, Leland and Belville.

“The second step then, once that’s done, that will clear the way to us to return to the construction of the plant and the drilling of the remaining wells, so that we can complete the RO plant.”

In order to bring cleaner, cheaper water to H2Go customers, Hosmer says the RO plant is the way to do that.

“Our alternative to the Cape Fear River, if we complete this aquifer-sourced RO system, are clean aquifers that have no industrial contaminants, so there’s nothing to take out and there’s nothing that can remain,” he said.

Hosmer calls that a win-win situation.

“Cleaner water accommodates everybody,” he said.

Hosmer says the money they save by not paying Brunswick County for its water will help fund the H2Go RO plant.

He also says he’s already talked with the H2Go team and is confident that they can build the best RO plant possible in just two years.

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