‘Where is her justice?’: Community wants answers in 5-year-old’s death

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — More than two years have gone by since a 5-year-old Pender County girl was killed, and still no arrests have been made.

On Monday, the National Black Leadership Caucus is kept the fight for justice for Paitin Fields going.

“Where is the out cry for Paitin, and where is her justice?” Rhonda Sekhmet-Ra, who is part of the group, said.

It’s the question people have been asking since November of 2017 when Paitin was killed.

“There really has not been the proper reaction to her case,” she said. “Still to this day, not many people know what happened to Paitin.”

An autopsy shows the Pender County girl was sexually assaulted and strangled, and died at the hospital a few days later.

“We have been very patient, but we as a community can no longer prolong justice for this innocent young child,” Sekhmet-Ra said.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office named Paitin’s uncle, David Prevatte, as a suspect. They say he was the one who drove Paitin to the hospital the day she was assaulted.

But nobody has been charged in her death.

“We will be Paitin’s cry and voice and demand for justice,” Sonya Patrick, with the group, said.

The group shared a statement from Paitin’s aunt Maria Spaulding, who couldn’t be there.

“She was taken from our lives by a cruel and vicious person, who has only darkness in their heart,” Spaulding said.

No matter how long it takes, they won’t forget about Paitin.

“This case was horrific,” Sekhmet Ra said. “What happened to Paitin was horrific, so our response should be loud. We should be outraged by what happened to her.”

The detective on Paitin’s case says Prevatte was charged with intimidating a witness.

Prevatte has been serving time for unrelated charges and is supposed to be released from prison next week.

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