Where’s your water bill? H2GO explains billing delay, other concerns

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — H2GO customers in Brunswick County may have noticed it’s been a while since they’ve received a water bill.

It’s been just over two months since the water services merged from the Town of Leland. Tyler Wittkofsky, the spokesman for H2GO, says the delay is due to a communication issue between the town’s software and theirs, leaving manual data entry of the thousands of accounts into their system the most cost-effective solution.

A task that was assigned to their customer service team.

“There were over 5,000 accounts and four of them handing their everyday duties, setting up new accounts in addition to the 5,000 accounts, answering phones, answering customer questions, taking payments in person, and over the phone,” Wittkofsky said. “So they were putting in a lot.”

Resident Alan Green shares concern for what bills may look like since customers have not seen one for more than two months and questions the accuracy of the data.

“If their budget doesn’t allow for sufficient IT support to ensure accuracy, it could cause all manner of problems for residents and the company itself,” Greene said.

Greene also asks if the upcoming Reverse Osmosis Plant would cause a rate increase.

Wittkofsky reassures customers that one of the reasons behind the data entry taking a little longer is the employees making sure all their information is correct. Also, their current billing system can handle more than one million accounts and there will not be a rate increase.

Customers can expect to start seeing their bills in the next two weeks and if the bill is a little more than your budget to handle, give them a call at 910-379-9949. Wittkofsky adds the bills will not include any late fees.

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