Whole Foods effort comes up empty…for now

Despite more than 3,000 signatures and support from the local realtors association a spokesperson for Whole Foods says they don’t have to plans to open a store in Wilmington. Supporters were hoping Whole Foods would open a new location in the Autumn Hall development on eastwood road.

But right now Wilmington doesn’t score high enough on the Whole Foods criteria list. The Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors says this isn’t the first time the store has looked to the port city for a new location, and each time the city scores a little higher.
“Whole Foods has had their eye on this area for a while, for several years” says WRAR’s Kathleen Riley. “And they keep sort of checking back what’s happening, checking back what’s happening. And I think each time they do they see how Wilmington is growing.”

That’s why the WRAR says they’ll continue their petition until they reach their goal of 5,000 signatures, and hopefully bring the store to Wilmington. Mary Martin, head of the local realtors association says if Whole Foods isn’t willing to come to the area, Wilmington could be an opportunity for one of its competitors.

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