Why are dead fish washing ashore at White Lake?

WHITE LAKE, NC (WWAY) — Hundreds of dead fish have washed along the shore of White Lake.

The fish kill coincides with the chemicals being dumped into the lake to kill algae.

The town contracted HAB Aquatic Solutions to apply an alum based product to control algal growth in the water.

Some residents think the chemicals are killing the fish.

“It’s real concerning,” Matthew Needham, resident, said. “Any other time, I let my youngin’ play with the ducks, but since the ducks are out here eating the fish too, I don’t even let him play with them or get in the water.”

While others say that these fish kills happen frequently because of the algae and the treatments could fix the problem.

“In my 30 plus years here, I’ve been at the lake several times when we’ve had these cyclical cycles of fish dying,” resident David deAndrade said. “From what I’ve heard from biologists and others, it may be more along the lines of bad timing that this has happened at the same time the town is trying to treat the lake water.”

Click here for details about alum and the treatment process. The site says alum is not harmful to fish.

“They created a website to inform the businesses and residents,” deAndrade said. “It just seems that so many rumors get started online and with social media. Sometimes the truth gets buried.”

A team from the State Division of Water Resources came to White Lake and took fish and water samples.

A state lab will analyze the samples to see if alum is to blame.

In the meantime, the alum treatment is on hold. The state has instructed the town of White Lake and HAB Aquatic Solutions to cease operations until further notice.

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