Why did FBI agent call 911 to help ‘Frog’ at Soles’s house?

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The R.C. Soles-Allen Strickland saga continues in Columbus County, but now a federal agent is involved.

Recently a special agent with the FBI called Columbus County 911 after he got a call from Strickland. The agent told an operator that the former senator may have assaulted the teen.

“My name is Frank Brostrom,” the agent told the operator. “I’m with the FBI… Listen: I need to report someone possibly being assaulted who called me from his cell phone.”

Special Agent Frank Brostrom said that someone was Allen “Frog” Strickland, a former legal client of Soles.

“The caller, the victim, who I know is ‘Frog’… You know who I’m talking about?” Brostrom asked the dispatcher, who apparently understood. “Frog. He was calling yelling for help, and I kept trying to get him and kept getting disconnected. I asked him if he was being assaulted by Sen. Soles.”

“So it might be a good chance that ‘Frog’ is at Soles’s, and that’s where we’re needing the police to go, correct?” the dispatcher asked.

“That’s where it usually happens,” Brostrom said. “Yes, ma’am.”

To find out more, we contacted Special Agent Brostrom. He referred us to his supervisor, who did not say much.

We asked if there is an active investigation on Soles, but the supervisor at FBI’s Wilmington Field Office only said that they cannot confirm or deny if an investigation is underway.

The 911 call made August 2 at 6:37 p.m. prompted Columbus County 911 to dispatch the Tabor City Police Department. A police report says when an officer arrived at Soles’s home, the former senator said several people were outside his gate when he got home. Soles said he asked them to leave, and they did.

Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless told us by phone Wednesday he called Strickland about 30 minutes after the officer arrived at Soles’s home. The chief asked the teen if he was OK. Strickland said he was fine and did not want to say anything else until he talked to the FBI. He told Chief Dowless that he had a meeting scheduled with agents the following day.

We contacted Strickland today by phone, but he hung up on us.

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