Community shows love to boy asking for Valentine’s Day cards

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Port City is coming together to make sure an 11-year-old is feeling the love for Valentine’s Day.

After Shawn Schery experienced some unkindness at school, his parents decided to home-school him.

Like many kids his age, he looks forward to the cards and treats on Valentine’s Day. His most favorite, the cards.

But with his first year out of public school, he realized he wouldn’t be getting any this year.

His mom, Magan Schery, took to Facebook. She asked if anyone had extra valentine cards and left a small box at her work for people to drop them off, not expecting much.

“We hoped for maybe 10 pieces of candy and the out-pour from Wilmington has been amazing,” Shawn’s dad Michael Schery said.

His mom got to work Thursday morning and she was in for a big surprise.

“There were valentines on the door before we even opened today,” Magan Schery said. “It’s really been amazing. We did not expect this at all. He just wanted a few little cards and he has gotten so much more and we are very appreciative.”

Shawn is one of eight siblings. They don’t know about Shawn’s valentines just yet, but he’s agreed to share his sweets.

He has one thing to say to the people who took time to make his day extra special.

“Thank you to everyone who gave me their stuff,” he said. “I really appreciate it.”

If you’d like to drop off a valentine for Shawn, you can do that at the Subway in Ogden at 7208 Market St.

Shawn’s mother says anyone who left a return address should expect a valentine in the mail in return, because her son wants to take part in making valentines too.

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