Wilmington 60 Strong calendar photoshoot highlights residents in their sixties

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —Today, a group of local residents in their sixties had a photo-op at the Battleship North Carolina, to be featured in a calendar called “Wilmington 60 Strong”.

Twelve people in their 60’s were selected by a panel of celebrity judges from Wilmington to be featured as pin up’s on a 2022 calendar.

The 60 Strong ambassadors were picked based on overcoming health challenges, serving as community leaders, or dedicating their lives to helping others.

60 Strong Ambassador Liza Lezzi, helps at New Hanover County Health and Human Services with babies born into substance abuse, she says she is thankful for the opportunity.

“It means that because you turn 60, you’re not just ready to retire and sit back and wait to die. I hate to say it that way, but sometimes people feel that way. I know my children even did. They didn’t want me to retire, but I’m 60 and strong, and I just look forward to every year as a new year, and a new beginning,” said Liza Lezzi.

The Wilmington 60 Strong calendar will highlight events and activities around Wilmington and will serve as a roadmap to good health.

Another ambassador Deborah Dicks Maxwell, is New Hanover County NAACP president, and advocates for COVID-19 vaccinations to be pushed into marginalized communities. She said the calendar shows a modern example of what entering your sixties is like.

“I think it’s wonderful, because we’re so engaged, all of us. Each in our own different aspects and facets in the community, and it gives people hope, that you can get there, you can get to 60,” said Deborah Dicks Maxwell.

“Age is just a number. These people are all 60, but they seem like they’re 40, because they’re doing amazing things. They’re keeping healthy and fit, and they’re giving back to the community, and they’re all practicing good health habits,” said Lisa Stafford, Wilmington 60 Strong coordinator.

The proceeds from the calendar will benefit the YMCA of Southeastern North Carolina.

Wilmington 60 Strong Ambassador Jake Hunt, founder of the non-profit Wilmington Junior Golf Academy, said it’s a fun opportunity, allowing each of them to still contribute to the community they serve.

“Anytime, that a person can do anything to make someone better or to help someone, you always feel good. No matter, no matter what it is, and this is just one opportunity to that we’ve been able to take advantage of, to where we know the outcome is going to be helping someone else,” said Jake Hunt.

The Wilmington 60 Strong calendar is sponsored by Wilmington Health, to launch a new program, The Anchor Senior Care Advantage. The program is designed to keep seniors active, and help the understand Medicare coverage and other healthcare decisions.

The calendar will be released in October.


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