Wilmington church holds safety seminar with WPD

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church partnered with the Wilmington Police Department to hold a safety seminar for members.

“I think that church is one of the safest places that you should be in. however, it’s not anymore,” said Teresa Eubanks, who has been coming to Ebenezer Missionary for 11 years.

Ebenezer Missionary is taking the initiative to keep their parish a safe place, in response to violence towards other organizations.

“Even though you think you may be safe, it’s not always the safest place to be,” said Eubanks.

Members of Ebenezer Missionary took part in a security seminar with the Wilmington Police Department. They learned how they can make their congregation a safe place for the community.

“So we thought it would be proactive to see what we can do to protect ourselves. now we think god will protect us, but we have a responsibility also to do what we can do,” said Deacon Alex Sloan.

Sloan says that they also need to watch over their church. In response to violence at other churches in the area, Sloan says awareness is key.

“We like to think when we come to church, we’re safe. But we see now, that that’s not necessarily the case. so we just have to be aware,” said Sloan.

They talked about simple things like locking doors and keeping valuables safe, but most importantly, members want everyone to be aware.

“There are ways that we can keep each other safe – protect each other leaving the building and knowing how to act in certain situations,” said Eubanks.

Their main priority is watching over each and every person in the church community.

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