Wilmington City Council approves funding for Water Street parking deck

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The city council voted in favor of funding repairs to the Water Street parking deck. The ordinance was not unanimous

“I just have a real problem spending $669,000 on something were going to tear down and I hope we tear down sooner not later, “ Council woman Laura Padgett thinks there are better uses for the property. “I think there are several ways to look at it, I would like to see at least some park space.”

Residents at the meeting support Laura Padgett’s position of removing the old parking structure.

“I think that they are ignoring the vote of the people and that vote was made years ago,” resident Michele Seidman said. “To say that we all want a park and maybe down the line is ignoring the vote that was made years ago.”

This is not the first time the issue of green space has come up and residents started a petition to push the city in that direction

“I’m disappointed in the city council’s decision,” Pat Shaw said. “ I can see that they have to patch up the parking deck but they probably could have taken the same amount of money and torn it down.”

That wasn’t the only business at the city council meeting.

City council approved a three month extension for Harmony Hospitality to its agreement on a Convention Center hotel, so the company could secure financing.

Council also voted to submit a grant application for $500,000 for improvements to Riverfront Park.

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