Wilmington City Council authorizes multiple plans and new city budget

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Many topics were touched on at tonight’s meeting such as rail realignment, rezoning areas for new businesses and the new addition of police officers.

The council voted unanimously to authorize an agreement to assign more police officers with New Hanover County Schools and the Wilmington Housing Authority.

Four officers will be assigned to New Hanover County Schools and three police officers to the Wilmington Housing Authority.

Also debated on was a rezoning plan concerning a new shopping center off of Military Cutoff Road.

It was promoted as a specialty shopping center with a grocery store that has never been in the area before. But, they could not say what store it will be.

The council decided to give an extra 30 days on the matter to allow more preparation and visualizations of the project.

City Council also approved Wilmington Downtown Incorporated’s contract to manage enhanced services in the business district.

WDI CEO Ed Wolverton says the enhanced services would help to keep the area safer, cleaner and more desirable for visitors and future economic development.

“This is a tool that is used throughout the state of North Carolina. There’s over 56 of these types of Municipal Service Districts in the state. These are also nationally recognized tools that are used throughout the entire country. They’re also working on a worldwide basis now as well,” Wolverton said.

The new contract was approved and will cause a slight tax increase. It is valued at $377,000 per year.

City Council also agreed on the first vote of the 2017 to 2018 budget. The second and final vote will be on June 20.

Also at tonight’s meeting, City Council named John D. Joye as the new city attorney. He will replace Bill Wolak, who retired in February. Joye will start work June 26.

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