Wilmington City Council wants a raise when city employees get their increases

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – When the Wilmington City Council meets on Monday, they are scheduled to discuss if they can get raises at the same time city employees get raises.

A resolution would make any future across-the-board employee pay increases also effective to the council.

The resolution, sponsored by council members Margaret Haynes and Laura Padgett, would direct the city manager to apply any future across the board cost of living pay adjustments for general employees to the pay of the mayor and city council.

Right now, Bill Saffo makes $14,040 annually as mayor. Other council members make $10,670 per year. Those rates were set in 2006 for the FYI 2006-2007 budget.

“Inflation and the cost of living impacts this compensation level as it does for general employees,” City Manager Sterling Cheatham wrote in a letter in the agenda recommending passage of the resolution. “Prior City Councils have sporadically provided for adjustments with an adjustment in 2003, prior to 2006 increase.”

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