Wilmington company turning yard trash into treasure

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the economy the way it’s been, it’s tough to find feel good stories in the business community. ABC World News has been featuring businesses that are putting people to work in its “Made in America” series. We found a local business that is doing well and selling product that’s “Made in the Cape Fear” just off Market Street.

“Got going with all the local landscapers here in town, and now we manufacture all these products all these mulches right here in New Hanover County,” Seaside Mulch owner Hackney Parker said.

Parker started Seaside Mulch 16 years ago, and now he employs 25 people right here in Wilmington making and selling mulch products.

“Had about four or five piles of mulch in my car with a cell phone,” Parker said. “It was a long tough start.”

But now Seaside is doing well and creating new, innovative and environmentally friendly products. It’s Nu-Leaf mulch is actually a compost taking yard debris, and breaking it down to a beneficial matter than can be used as a fertilizer.

“They’re buying a product that came out of their yards, that’s been recycled, and now they’re putting it back into their yards to benefit the grass, the vegetables and the plants they have growing in their yards,” Seaside Mulch’s Lee Craft

The product is completely vegetative, and contains no chemicals, meaning it puts nutrients back in your soil without any damaging runoff in our coastal community.

“It’s just a big thing to have a manufacturer right here in New Hanover County, and a manufacturer who’s very green and environmental as we are. It’s a big deal,” Parker said.

And with Seaside Mulch going green by using a recyclable product, it’s also keeping a lot of green right here in our community with a local product.

Seaside Mulch’s Nu-Leaf product was recently certified by the US Composting Council. This means it’s been tested for quality every few months to verify it has the proper nutrients to benefit your soil.

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