Wilmington couple with disabilities struggle to retrieve mail

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Carl Bailey and his husband John Smith’s health have prevented them from performing tasks most may take for granted.

“The mailbox is up here about a mile inside the laundry room and we can’t do it anymore,” said Bailey.

Smith lost his leg while enlisted in the military, his other leg was lost to a bad infection.

“The diabetes is taking me piece by piece,” said Smith.

Bailey and Smith moved into their current home at Village at Greenfield eight years ago and would get their mail at the community boxes  which wasn’t an issue but things have changed.

Bailey’s health started to deteriorate throughout the years.

“I can’t do it and he has to cross Greenfield Street on that scooter and he’s going to get hit coming across it,” said Bailey.

“It’s an extreme challenge, the traffic over here on Greenfield Street is they zoom through here like Indy 500,” said Smith.

To make matters worse trucks tied to the new construction parked along the road, is blocking his view of oncoming traffic, according to Smith.

“So I am having to look that way and having to get around the trucks, and I’ve had at least eight to 10 times, that I almost got hit by a car,” said Smith.

The USPS allows customers to request door delivery if they have hardships or medical problems.

According to Bailey, he went through the process, his only request is to have mail dropped off at the mailbox in front of his house.

“I went to the main post office to fill out this form, and I did,” he said. “And I got his doctor, my doctor to sign it.”

Smith’s life depends on the mail.

“I have to get the mail; I get my medication from the VA (United States Department of Veterans Affairs), in that mailbox.”

The couple had a mailbox installed to comply.

“There’s a bunch of other people in this neighborhood that are in a close situation we’re in, who has their mail delivered to their home,” said Smith. “That’s all we want.”

“They said they’ll bring it out to me but they haven’t done anything,” said Bailey.

WWAY called, and went to the Wilmington post office to speak with the postmaster but they were unavailable and haven’t returned my call.

WWAY also reached out to USPS media relations and was given a generic statement that the postal service will accommodate customers who meet the requirements of a hardship case but they didn’t address this specific situation.

We will follow up on the story closely, if you find yourself in a similar situation send an email to ajoseph@wwaytv3.com and we’ll see if we can help.

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