Wilmington Fire Department honors life saving firefighters

The "life saving award" is given to firefighters who have saved someone's life.

Friday night recognized firefighters who go above and beyond. That was the focus of a special ceremony, in New Hanover County. 

The Wilmington Fire Department held its annual awards and promotions ceremony at city hall in downtown.  

The “life saving award” is given to firefighters who have saved someone’s life. We spoke with two firefighters who received this award. 

Captain Chris Cook said that so many of their colleagues also deserve praise for what they do everyday. 

Cook, said, “To me, it’s an award that any one of our people could get and obtain. Everyone of us does an outstanding job, and I was just lucky enough to get it this year.” 

Firefighter Garry Stevenson described the scenario he found himself in that required him to save a life.

Stevenson, said, “It was in regards to a 28-year-old female. She had suffered from some medical condition, went into cardiac arrest, our crew responded to the call we were able to do chest compressions, do CPR, revive her — she spent a few days in the hospital and actually was able to be discharged to go home.” 

Both of these firefighters said they’re thankful for the community’s support to the fire department. 

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