Wilmington man sentenced to 50 years for robberies

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Federal prosecutors say a Wilmington man will spend more than 50 years behind bars after being convicted in January of robbery and other charges.

Prosecutors say on July 10, 2011, Alan Johnson and others broke into a Wilmington home and tried to rob a man of of drugs and money. During the home invasion, the victim was pistol whipped when he denied having marijuana. After the victim gave the defendants some marijuana, Johnson demanded to know where the rest of the drugs were. When the victim was adamant that he had given up all the drugs he had, Johnson shot the victim four times. The victim was able to run out of his home and escape.

On July 21, 2011, prosecutors say, Johnson and two other men entered Able Auto Insurance Agency in Wilmington and held employees and customers at gunpoint while demanding the businesses’ money. After robbing the business of approximately $5,700, the men left in a car.

During the course of the investigation into these two events, investigators interviewed co-defendants who confessed to their roles in the robberies. Those statements led law enforcement to a Dollar General store where Johnson and his co-defendants bought sunglasses to wear immediately prior to the Able Auto Insurance Agency Robbery.

When he was arrested, investigators say Johnson has a a firearm. He was questioned about the two incidents and confessed to his participation in the robberies.

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