Wilmington Peace Group protests US involvement in Syria

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the President prepares to seek approval from congress before taking action in Syria, people around the world are weighing in, and that includes right here in the port city. The Wilmington Peace Group held a rally today in protest of U.S. involvement in Syria.

Protesters braved the heat, and took to the streets to urge government officials to steer clear of Syria. They say they want peace, not war.

“This is not our fight,” Steve Lee, organizer of the Wilmington Peace Group said.

“To create more death and destruction, is not going to be the answer to death and destruction,” protestor Jay Vics said.

For two long hours, under the hot summer sun, protestors stood on the corner of Oleander Drive and South College Road to raise awareness, and tell state leaders to stay out of Syria.

“We’re here today to raise consciousness for the people of Wilmington, to attract those that already feel the same way we do that violence should not be met with further violence,” Lee said.

Vics says he hopes the rally will get people fired up.

“Let’s let the people in Wilmington that are too afraid to turn on the news, or would rather watch American Idol, just let them know that something important is happening here, and feel free to join us if you’re outraged, as outraged as we are,” Vics explained.

Lee says he hopes that rage will turn into action.

“Hopefully spoke people to action to contact Congressman McIntyre and Senator Kay Hagen to vote against any US involvement in Syria,” Lee said.

In a statement, Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) said, “It is shocking and deplorable that the Assad regime would use chemical weapons on its own people, and the international community cannot allow this to happen without serious consequences. I believe seeking Congressional authority is the appropriate way forward. Without putting American troops on the ground, the atrocities in Syria require a strong response that will prevent them from happening again and ensure that Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile does not fall into the hands of terrorists and further destabilize the Middle East.”

Late Sunday night Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7th District) also released a statement on Syria.

“It is the constitutional responsibility of Congress to provide for the common defense of our citizens, our communities and our country.

“The recent actions in Syria raise very serious concerns regarding the use of chemical weapons, and it is appropriate that any potential military response be discussed with and debated by Congress,” said McIntyre, a member of the House Armed Services Committee. “As this debate moves forward, the important question to be answered is whether our involvement in a foreign country’s civil war meets the threshold of endangering our own national security.”

We tried contacting Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-3rd District) to see what they have to say about US involvement in Syria, but we have yet to hear back.

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